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It's just not Cricket... Anymore

• by Milan G

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Libraries Must Stay Open!

• by Kaval S

Libraries. They are “Universities of the streets” and the basis for prosperity. They are a luxury available to all that seek it, regardless of their race, gender, employment status or age. They are one of the most neglected fundamentals of society, which must stay open

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Charity: Children Want to Create Change

• by Peiyan H, Nidilan S

Reading School students want to make a difference to the world by getting involved with charities and raising money for them

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Power to the 9s – Will it live up to its expectations?

• by Shan S, Peter P

The Power to the 9s is a new project being launched by Reading School this year and being led by Mr. Tom Evans, an Assistant Head of Reading School

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Reading Gaol and its March for the Past

• by Eoghan H

MPs are uniting to save Reading Gaol, an important site in the town. Eoghan finds out why.

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